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Tesla Console is free to use and you don't need an account to get started! Our top priority is your privacy so we never collect any identifying information.

Tesla Console - Home screen

Home screen

Tesla Console - Favorite apps

Favorite apps

Tesla Console - Boombox player

Boombox player

Tesla Console - Weather app

Weather app

Tesla Console - App store

App store

Tesla Console - App store utilities

App store utilities

Tool Box

Check out our Tesla Tip videos and collection of Boombox sounds and light shows!

Unveil Livestream

Unveiling and tutorial with Tesla Owners Silicon Valley

About me

Ryan Zohoury Profile

Ryan Zohoury

I am a 19 year old Tesla and SpaceX enthusiast that supports their missions and is invested long term in Tesla. I have always been interested in the latest technology and am also working on several other technical projects while also attending school.

I started Tesla Console wondering what it might be like if Tesla implemented an app store, so I brought it to reality for Tesla owners to experience. I hope developers will embrace this new platform and submit their creative and ambitious apps to support this mission.

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